Lions, Lioness and Leo Clubs District 201Q4

Queensland, Australia

Australian Lions Drug Awareness Foundation

The Australian Lions Drug Awareness Foundation (ALDAF) has been serving Australia for over 25 years to provide alcohol and other drug information to the Australian Community, and in more recent years we have focused on youth health demonstrating an ability to create projects that achieve results.

► Tune In Not Out

Tune In Not Out

With over 80 youth focused topics, TINO is helping 100.000’s of young people each year

Tune In Not Out (TINO) aims to passionately empower young Australian’s aged 16-25 with engaging, authentic and trusted health and wellbeing information to support them to navigate life’s challenges.

This is achieved via the, which features over 350 on-demand videos (growing weekly) across 80 topics such as: mental health, bullying, sexual health, drugs, relationships, body image and indigenous health. These videos are supported by factsheets, music, real stories, blogs and music.


►  Australian Lions Drug Awareness Foundation