Lions, Lioness and Leo Clubs District 201Q4

Queensland, Australia

Lions Youth Exchange


You don't have to be a Lion to Host a youth but you must be Sponsored by a Lions Club, as it is a Project of Lions International. 

It is a requirement for hosts to have a BLUE CARD if hosting a Youth under the age of 18. 

Most of our Youth Exchange candidates first hear about our Youth Exchange Program at Youth Of The Year.    

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Australian youth aged 16-21 are eligible to apply. Approximately 40 Australian youth leave Australia each year. Ideally this number should be well over 100.

Each outbound youth is nominated by a local Australian Lions club to travel into the care of one or more host Lions clubs overseas.  Australian youth must be screened and interviewed by their local Lions Club to determine their suitability for the Program.

Application documents from Australian youth pass through the nominating Lions Club / District Youth Exchange Chairperson / MD201 Youth Exchange Country Coordinator to the overseas Youth Exchange network.

Applications from Australian youth close on 30 June each year.

Between January-June, MD and District Youth Exchange Chairpersons are busy promoting the outbound program, searching for suitable Australian candidates and processing application forms. Every high school in Australia receives a promotional letter and flyer in February.

Australian youth pay between $2,500 to $6,500 for their youth exchange journey depending on destination. The youth/parents are responsible for meeting the cost but most nominating Lions clubs will make a financial contribution (eg approx $500 for the compulsory youth exchange uniform/backpack).

Australian youth travel under the care of airlines on their outward journey. They live with one or more host families and may participate in a youth camp. Their accommodation and sightseeing expenses are covered by the overseas hosts. Youth visiting Europe and America enjoy a three-day stopover in either London or Los Angeles. Two Australian Lions chaperone each stopover and escort the youth back to Australia.

All Australian youth travel with a Lions Travel Insurance Policy.

If a District has outbound youth, the relevant District Youth Exchange Chairperson must conduct a compulsory outbound information seminar on YCEP in October. Participants include the youth, their parents, a representative from the nominating Lions club as well as other interested Lions.  

If there are any problems during the exchange visit, the MDYE Program Coordinator responsible for that country will liaise with overseas Lions to resolve the problem. 

Youth Exchange. Try It. You’ll Like It!