Lions, Lioness and Leo Clubs District 201Q4

Queensland, Australia

Child Safe Policy


Lions District Q4 Child Safe Procedures  October 2019 

Our Constitutional and By-Laws Committee, together with Zone 12 Chair Peter Roper, have undertaken a review of existing processes available from District for use by our Clubs when working with children and youth participation and found they did not fully address the regulatory requirements of the Queensland Working with Children (Risk Management Strategy) Act and Regulation.

The review produced the following new process documents for use by Clubs and District Officers. They have been modelled on the Blue Card Service Child and Youth Risk Management Strategy Toolkit requirements underpinning the Queensland Working with Children (Risk Management Strategy) Act and Regulation as well as meeting the intent of the Lions Australia Child Safe Policy adopted by the Council of District Governors in January 2019.

It is imperative that each Club within our District which previously has been, or continues to be, involved with children and youth implements these working with children and youth documents developed for use by Clubs.

►  Link to District Working with Children and Youth Procedures Club Resources Page

Presentation Availability.   Please contact Q4 District Child Safety Officer, Keith Weisse, to arrange an awareness session for your club covering these new Club Working with Children and Youth Procedures and regulatory requirements.  email -


Lions Australia Child Safe Policy:   The January 2019 Council of Governors adopted a new ‘Child Safe Policy’ as prepared by our consultants. The policy covers all MD201 projects and their operation at the Multiple District level.  Districts and Clubs encouraged to adopt the policy. In brief it includes:

  1. Procedures for the Youth Exchange, Leos and Youth of the Year Project.
  2. Creation of new voluntary positions in each program, dedicated to managing Child Safety compliance.
  3. Procedural manual for Youth Exchange, and foreshadowing similar work for the other Youth Programs.

►   Link to MD201 Child Safe Policy


Blue Card application and renewal forms can be found on the link below

Link to Queensland Government Blue Card website

Link to Queensland Government child risk management strategy document 


Blue Card Services Updates   ( November 2020)

In November 2020 Blue Card Services held four zoom sessions of approx 1 hour each covering the following topics and addressed recent legislative changes:

Session 1 - who needs a blue card, the categories of regulated employment and businesses and how to apply for a blue or exemption card.

Session 2 - the application and screening process, including what happens when an applicant has police information returned as part of the blue card check.

Session 3 - linking requirements and the importance of linking a card holder to an organisation, and the daily monitoring of applicants and card holders by the Queensland Police Service.

Session 4 - organisation’s obligations to develop and implement child and youth risk management strategies, which contribute to the creation of safe environments for children.

►   A word document with links to the above presentations plus supporting PDF files containing speakers notes and notes from the Q and A sessions can be downloaded here.