Lions, Lioness and Leo Clubs District 201Q4

Queensland, Australia

Child Safe Policy


Lions District Q4 Child Safe Policy is covered by District By-Law 25.

Download District 201Q4  Children and Young People Policy  By Law 25

Download sample Lions Blue Card Register Template 

The above By-Law 25 is currently undergoing a review which will align it  with the latest Queensland legislation and the new MD201 national Child Safety policy and procedures.  In the meantime clubs are advised to adopt the principles described in the new MD201 Child Safe Policy which can be downloaded from the link below. The national policy in not state specific but the principles are not contary to Queensland state legislation.

MD201 Child Safe Policy:   The January 2019 Council of Governors adopted a new ‘Child Safe Policy’ as prepared by our consultants. The policy covers all MD201 projects and their operation at the Multiple District level.  Districts and Clubs encouraged to adopt the policy. In brief it includes:

  1. Procedures for the Youth Exchange, Leos and Youth of the Year Project.
  2. Creation of new voluntary positions in each program, dedicated to managing Child Safety compliance.
  3. Procedural manual for Youth Exchange, and foreshadowing similar work for the other Youth Programs.

►   Link to MD201 Child Safe Policy


Blue Card application and renewal forms can be found on the link below

Link to Queensland Government Blue Card website

Link to Queensland Government child risk management strategy document