Lions, Lioness and Leo Clubs District 201Q4

Queensland, Australia

Children of Courage


Lions Children of Courage Awards are NOT a competition. Every recipient of an award is a “winner” in his or her own right as the recognition of these young people’s achievements will: 1. Act as an encouragement for their future 2. Help them to believe in themselves, and 3. Help increase their self-worth.

All children just want to be accepted by others regardless of any special needs they may have. These awards will portray them as children who have successfully overcome additional barriers which face them in this world.


Lions, Lioness, Leos can nominate children for the awards or they can contact local Schools, Sporting Organisations, Scouts etc. Nominees need to be between the ages of 5 to 15 at the time of

nomination. Lions Children of Courage Awards can be hosted by any Lions, Lioness or Leos Club or as a Zone

Project and can be held at any time of the year, there is no set date.


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