Lions, Lioness and Leo Clubs District 201Q4

Queensland, Australia

Club Resources

Club Administration

  ►     Download Lions Club Rules of Incorporation.pdf

  ►     Link to Standard Club Constitution and By Laws  (la2.pdf)   

  ►    Guide to difference between Administration and Activity Funds

  ►    Simple Guide to Lions Club Rules of Debate

  ►    Link to list of Lions Awards   

  ►    Link to Lions Code of Conduct

  ►    Club Grievance Procedure

  ►    Club Confidentially and Privacy Policy

  ►    Australian Lions Club Supplies Shop    ( New members kits)

  ►    Download New Member Application Form

  ►    Example of a New member Induction script

  ►    Link to Club Member Record Form (m33sa

  ►   Bringing Lionesses into Lions

►   Join Us Badge Template (Word)      (PDF version  Membership Ask file)

Government Regulations

   ►     Link to Qld. Govt  Incorporated Associations Smart Business Guide

   ►    Qld Govt Forms to notify changes to Incorporated Association    (Change of Club Officer Bearers) 

   ►    Qld. Govt  Registering a club to do fundraising for Community Purposes


Workplace Health and Safety

 ►     Lions Club Safety Officer's check List 

 ►     Lions Safety Management Plan 

 ►     Lions Safety Officer role  -  Insurance requirments

  ►    Qld Workplace Health and Safety act for Volunteer organisations


Club Care 

     ►   Your Club  - Your way    

     ►   Link to Blueprint for Stronger Clubs 

     ►   Link to Strengthing Membership Guide

     ►   Download  article  Member Retention,  A Case of Routine Maintenance Not Rocket Science