Lions, Lioness and Leo Clubs District 201Q4

Queensland, Australia

Follow Your Dream Foundation

The Follow Your Dream Foundation - Australia (TFYDF - A) was set up by Barry Palmer (AM) in his year as International President of Lions Clubs International (2013-2014). 


Founder and Chairman – Barry Palmer AM
Lions Clubs International

The objectives of the Follow Your Dream Foundation are to support children and women both here and overseas particularly in the areas of education and employment. 

Around the world today it is increasingly hard for children in developing countries to get an education. There are opportunities for the “Follow Your Dream Foundation Australia” to become involved in building and running schools or sponsoring children to go to school. There are also young men and women who need assistance with starting up their own business. We can provide assistance and guidance as well as finance to help them.

There are pockets in Australia where children are not able to continue their education because of economic reasons or just a lack of interest from the parents.  “The Follow Your Dream Foundation Australia” is helping with sponsorship and guidance. We are already sponsoring two disadvantaged students to attend University in Western Sydney. 



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