Lions, Lioness and Leo Clubs District 201Q4

Queensland, Australia

Grants and Funding Sources

For help advice with grants contact our District Grants Chairman listed in our Q4 Cabinet Directory

Some sources of grants with closing dates.

1. Australian Lions Foundation – If the application is received too late in the quarter then the application is held over and included in the next quarterly period. This grant does have a maximum of $15,000.00 for equipment etc.

2. Government Community Benefit Fund Grant – opens mid-July and closes late August.  This grant runs each quarter and closes end of August, November, February and May each year with results being advised around 3 months after closure.  The maximum amount available for this grant is $35,000.00. This grant now includes the 4 old type grants e.g. Jupiter’s Casino Community Benefit Fund, Breakwater Island Casino Community Benefit Fund and the Reef Hotel Casino Community Benefit Fund and the pre-existing Gambling Community Benefit Fund. Information on these grants can be gained by entering) Queensland Government Gaming Community Benefit Grants) into Google on your computer and then navigating around the Benefit site.

3. Other Government Grants are also available and which are usually advertised in local newspapers or information can be sourced through your local State/Federal Government Member of Parliament.

4. Caring for our Community is another Government Grant  available and has a maximum ceiling of $10,000.00 and grants open mid-July with advice of successful applications being advised January the following year. The internet contact is (Caring for our Community Grants) and then navigate around the site for the application form.  Once again this grant scheme can be used to upgrade equipment and also purchase equipment for your club.

5. Australia Post is another source for grants and usually invites applications at least yearly.

6.Westpac Banking Corporation is another source for grants and are usually advertised on TV or in Newspapers.

7. Your local Council may also invite applications from community/sporting groups for grants for equipment etc.  Information can be obtained by contacting your local council.

8. Another area that I found was the RSL Club.  Our local club calls for invitations on a yearly basis to help Community/Sporting Groups and non-Government funded groups.  Worthwhile looking into your local club.

These are just some of the areas for grants and there are more grants out there and one just has to look on the internet for information for grants on major companies and groups. 

For help with grants contact our District Grants Chairman listed in our Q4 Cabinet Directory

      ►   Link to Qld Govt Gambling Community Benefit Funding Program 

      ►    Download hints for successful grant application (June 2017)