Lions, Lioness and Leo Clubs District 201Q4

Queensland, Australia

Hearing Dogs and Hearing Impaired

201Q4 District Hearing Dogs and Hearing Impaired Chairman   George Fox  07 4325 3043   04317 663 471  

► School Sound Systems

For children who are hearing impaired and who suffer from the various attention deficit disorders.  A Sound System can be provided to Primary Schools and benefits all the students especially those who are deaf or hearing impaired or those with attention deficit disorders. The reason this is aimed at primary School children is because they use a "Home Class Room" where they spend the majority of their School time this equipment is not portable.  73% of Teachers note that increase in behaviour with learners remaining on-task for longer periods where this equipment is used and off-task behaviour was easier to address as the Teacher used a friendlier voice in a lower volume. Portable systems are now in use enabling teachers to use them on playing fields etc.

Schools can apply for a system by contacting their local Lions Club or they can make direct contact with the District Hearing chairman .


 ► Lions Hearing Dogs  

Lions hearing dogs have transformed the lives of hundreds of Australians. They give their owners the opportunity to become more independent and are loyal companions for many years. They have even saved lives.