Lions, Lioness and Leo Clubs District 201Q4

Queensland, Australia

Help with MY LCI


Log In using your new Lion Account

As from July 2019, both the MyLCI and MyLIon systems are accessed using your Lions Account via the Lions Internation Web Site .

If you have not done so already, You will need to register for your Lions Account using your email address and / or mobile phone number as stored in the MyLCI membership record.


Membership Reporting

A Membership report is submitted every month.  If no membership changes have occurred then a “no change” report is required to verify the club is operational.

A “no change” report can be easily by updated / overwritten later in the month by a “new member” or a “dropped member” report.

Membership reports can be submitted by either the Club Secetary or the club President or a Club Administrator can be registered in MyLCI by the Club Secretary or Club President to do the membership reporting. This Club Administrator might be an assistant secretary or the club membership chair or any other member willing to take on this job while the person who normally does the membership reporting is unavailable.

New members are not covered by Lions insurance until registered in MyLCI.

International and district dues are based on the number of members at the close of June and December.

Club Service Activity Reporting

F from July 2019 the Club Service Chair  or Club secretary or Club President can  record your club’s service activities in MyLion. 

International Dues Statement

The club treasurer can log onto MyLCI and check their club’s international financial dues statement. This shows dues owing and paid at the international level.

Club Data Printouts

Club Officials with access to MyLCI can produce a Club Contact list with all members addresses, phone number and email addresses. They can also produce a Club attendance check sheet, Membership cards and many other useful reports.   

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