Lions, Lioness and Leo Clubs District 201Q4

Queensland, Australia

Options for Help with MyLion

1.   ►Download  Guide to Create Your Lion Account  Updated 12th Aug 2019  

For help with obtaining a Lion Account or logging on to MyLCI or MyLion contact your club secretary or District Service coordinator  Bill Moore  0418 301 455 or email  

2. Create a help desk ticket in MyLion App.   ( Recomended as easiest method)

Open MyLion App in your mobile device.  Select the "My Profile" page (bottom right side of screen)  then tap on the  three dot menu icon on the top right of the "My profile" page.   From the pop up menu select "Contact Support"

Tap on the edit symbol on the top right of the page to open the My Ticket page then tap on “Start a conversation”  to open a new message window.  Type your message and hit send

3. To submit a query to help desk from My Lion on Web.  Log on to My Lion on your PC or Laptop .  At the top right side of any page  click on "Support"  then select "Submit a request"   You will need your Lion membership number and club number. 

4. Send an email direct to MyLion Helpdesk;

Important MyLion Links

►  Lions Club International -  Lion Account Log-In  

►  MyLion LCI Support webpage

►  Intro to MyLion App  for Mobiles

►  MyLion Facebook Forum

Understanding MyLion 

►  Download MyLion FAQ  March 2019

►  Download  MyLion  LCI Service Reporting Guide

►  Link to "How to use MyLion to report your service" Power Point for clubs

My Lion Support Documents compiled by District 201N1

 ►  Click here for District 201N1 My Lion support documents

Th following documents can be found on the 201N1 website 

The doucument "MyLion Support Notes" deals with many of the issues we are having from an Australain perspective and is well worth a read   

MyLion Support Notes -   An excellent souce of assistance with MyLion issues
  - PDF Format (261KB)

How to Register for MyLion (Lions Clubs International Universal Login)
   -  PDF Format (2.2Mb)

MyLion Reporting Guidance - Revised 20 August 2019
   -  PDF Format (1.4MB)
   -  Word Format (1.2MB)

MyLion Reporting Past Actvities - (Compliments Bryan Hearn - District 201C2) - August 2019
   -  PDF Format (1.04 MB


Lions Clubs International has recently created the role of "club administrator". The Club Administrator has access to the same informationin MyLCl/MyLion as the club president and secretary.

 The club administrator is not a formal position but it allows an alternate member to take over the task of completing the club's monthly reporting in MyLCI and/or MyLion if the Club President or Secretary are not in a position to do the reporting.  The Club Service Chair can also report the clubs service activities in MyLion while any member can obtain a Lion Account and  plan future activities in MyLion but only the above mentioned officers can finalise the report.  

Any club member can be assigned to the Club Administrator role in MyLCI by the club secretary or club president.   

Links  to MyLion Demonstration Videos

1. An overview of the MyLion system for all members

►    "My Lion Club Webinar - How to use MyLion"  (14 minutes)

2.  Reporting a completed activity. As described above only specific clubh officers can report a past activity.

►   "Report a past Activity" demonstration video   (8 minutes)

3.  Creating a new activity.  Any lion can create a planed activity in MyLion using their Lion Account.   Once the activity has been completed the reporting club officer can report the activity using the Activity information supplied by the Lion who created / organsied  the activity. 

►   "Create a new planned activity" demonstration Video (7 Minutes)