Lions, Lioness and Leo Clubs District 201Q4

Queensland, Australia

MyLion Resources

Guide to creating a Lion Account

MyLCI (Membership and Club database) and MyLion (Service Reporting) systems plus the "Lions Learning Centre"  are all accessed using your "Lion Account". All Lions members are entitled to create a "Lion Account" which can also be used to login to your MyLion App on your mobile device.

If you have not done so already, you will need to register for your "Lion Account".  Register and/or logon via the Lions International Web Site.   

To create a Lion account you will need your Lions member number, email address or mobile phone number as it appears in MyLCI.     Your club secretary or cabinet secretary can check this for you .  To set up your "Lion Account" go to the Lions International Web Site and click on the "Member login" link at the top of the page.  The registration process uses a security check so you will be asked to input a confirmation code which will be sent to either your email or Mobile phone depending which one you use to create the account.  You can also register by downloading the MyLion App to your mobile device and creating your "Lion Account" from the App.    

► Watch our quick demo "Creating a Lion Account"  

 ►Download  Guide to creating your Lion Account  Updated 12th Aug 2019  

For assistance with obtaining a Lion Account or logging on to MyLCI or MyLion contact your club secretary or our Q4 District Service coordinator  Bill Moore  0418 301 455 or email  

or -  Send a request for assistance to to MyLion Helpdesk;

►  MyLion LCI Support webpage

►  MyLion Facebook Forum

Guide to MyLion service reporting

► Download Guide to Using MyLion for Web  August 2020

► Link to Document "Measuring Service Impact for Lions"

Service Reporting Guidelines

►  Download  MyLion  LCI Service Reporting Guidelines

Understanding the CLUB ADMINISTRATOR role

Lions Clubs International has recently created the role of "club administrator". The Club Administrator has access to the same informationin MyLCl/MyLion as the club president and secretary.

 The club administrator is not a formal position but it allows an alternate member to take over the task of completing the club's monthly reporting in MyLCI and/or MyLion if the Club President or Secretary are not in a position to do the reporting.  The Club Service Chair can also report the clubs service activities in MyLion while any member can obtain a Lion Account and  plan future activities in MyLion but only the above mentioned officers can finalise the report.  

Any club member can be assigned to the Club Administrator role in MyLCI by the club secretary or club president using the same process as you would for appointing any other position.   

MyLion App

You can also download the MyLIon App  to your mobile device and register for your "Lion account" using the App.  The MyLion App has many of the same features as the web version available from your PC/ Laptop plus other features not available on the web version. The same Lions Account is used on both the App and web versions.  The MyLIon App is very useful if you are travelling and wish to connect with a local Lions club