Lions, Lioness and Leo Clubs District 201Q4

Queensland, Australia

Promotional Trailers and Large Banners

Promotional Trailer Bookings 

The Promotional and Flag trailer bookings and request to borrow the large Banners can be made through the Cabinet Secretary  using the form below. 

Download Trailers and Banner Loan Request Form

Trailer Features 

 In built water tank and BBQ , DVD player and screen, Slide out cabinet fitted with small drawers full of Lions promotional material,  Two chairs and a small table, Two Marquees.   12V battery with charger and 240V inverter. LED lighting  The

The trailer can be fitted out to carry emergency recovery equipment for emergencies as needed.  

Battery Care  

The Trailer battery must be left on trickle charge when not in use to preserve the battery which can crystaise if not charged ffrom time to time.

 Conditions of use   

The promotional trailer is available free of cost to any club in the District on application to the cabinet secretary. Conditions are as follows:

  1. It is the responsibility of the intending user to transport the trailer from its current location to its new destination.
  2. The trailer is to be preferably stored under cover when not being used.
  3. To preserve the battery, 240 power is to be connected to the trickle charger while in storage.
  4. Any lost key is to be replaced by the user at their cost.
  5. Any damage is to reported to the Disaster Chairman immediately, then repaired if possible.
  6. Brochures distributed are to be replaced by sourcing replacements from the relevant portfolio chairperson.
  7. The Display Monitor Screen to travel in the supplied container ONLY.
  8. The towing vehicle needs a 7 pin small round connection or conversion adapter to this standard.


  Two District Lions Banners 6 meters x 2 meters  These banners are normally stored with the trailer and can be borrowed.  Application through the Cabinet Secretary







The District Flag trailer is stored at Maryborough.

Conditions for use are set out in By Law 3