Lions, Lioness and Leo Clubs District 201Q4

Queensland, Australia

Cabinet Meetings   

Q4 Cabinet Meeting Dates                         Portfolio Reports Due to Cab Sec

14/15 August 2021 Bundaberg                     31 July 2021

20/21 November 2021  Bundaberg              6 November 2021

12/13  February 2021  Bundaberg               29 January 2022  

18/19 June 2021  Bundaberg                      4 June 2022

Bundaberg meetings normally held at St Mary's Conference Centre Cnr Barolin and Boston Sts Bundaberg


Zoom meeting structure………………………………

Finance Committee to meet on line the Thursday before.

Advisory Committee to Meet on the Friday night with Finance Committee Chair to attend with his committees report.

Zoom Cabinet meeting to commence at 9.30am on the Saturday. Allow 2 hours for reports and business and 2 hours for training etc. Meeting to end at approximately 1.30pm. Allow for say 10 minute breaks each hour. (this will allow for bathroom stops, coffee and eats break)


Face to Face meetings…..Bundaberg

Finance Committee to meet at 8.30am on the Saturday

Advisory Committee to meet at 9.00am with Finance Chair to attend once his meeting is concluded.

CBL should be present at each meeting so Bevin and Alan could split to cover.

Cabinet participants to gather at 9.30am for meeting to commence at 10.30 am and go through to lunch at 12.15pm. (Coffee and Tea will be available from 10.00am)

Lunch break 45 minutes. Resume meeting at 1.15 pm and conclude any outstanding business from morning session.

Training to take place in afternoon up to  afternoon tea break at 3.00pm.

Wrap up day from 3.30pm to 4.00pm when meeting will conclude.

By commencing Cabinet meeting at 10.30am  there should be very little expense by members for Friday night Accommodation. By concluding at 4.00pm this gives members time to drive home and have a full Sunday with their families. For those who wish to stay over Saturday night we will put something on and they should be home by mid day on Sunday at the latest.


Cabinet  Christmas Party -  Saturday evening 20 November 2021. 

Venue - Rowers on the River, Quay Street Bundaberg.

6:30pm for 7pm till midnight.