Lions, Lioness and Leo Clubs District 201Q4

Queensland, Australia

Social Media and Website Guides

  ►    Guidelines for Photographers

  ►   Draft MD201 Public Relations Policy  

  ►    MD201 Social Media Policy Statement

  ►    Social Media for Lions by Lions  SMILE

  ►    Social Media Guidelines for Clubs  

  ►    OZ Clubhouse Websites Instruction Manual 

  ►    Australian Seniors Computer Clubs self help links

  ►    Link to Google Garage - On lIne training in Social Media 

Zoom On line Meetings

  ►   Download Hints for joing a Zoom  Meeting

District 201Q4 Facebook Page

To become an Q4 Facebook Page Editor send an email to

Usually the same person who currently manages your clubs Facebook Page.

Keep up to date with the District 201Q4 happings 

Even if you are not on facebook you can visit the Page and see what other clubs are posting.  


If you are a Facebook user please "Like" and "Follow" our District Page and invite your club member to do the same.