Lions, Lioness and Leo Clubs District 201Q4

Queensland, Australia

Lions Stamp Club


The Australian Chapter of the Lions Stamp Club has ended a huge year with a record donation of $48000 to the Australian Lions Childrens’ Mobility Foundation (ALCMF). In handing over the cheque at the recent Australian Lions Convention held in Geelong, Stamp Club Secretary, Lion Ross Paine paid tribute to the many Lions clubs and individuals both here and overseas who have spent countless hours clipping the stamps for sale. He also paid tribute to the many individuals who are no longer collecting stamps and have donated their unwanted collections.

The stamps and covers are sorted into saleable lots and sold at auction. Every stamp we receive is sold and every cent received is passed on to the Foundation.

The stamp club can sell any item related to philately, even the empty albums and they are constantly seeking more material to enable them to keep the funds rolling in. Many clubs have arrangements with businesses who still receive a lot of stamped mail and these stamps are ALWAYS in demand as their usage diminishes.

Can your club help?

If you would like to donate suitable philatelic items, a Lions Club Used Stamp Co-Ordinator is based in every state and will be only too happy to help you clear that “mess in the corner” and to answer your questions. Ross Paine is the Queensland co-ordinator and he can be contacted by phone on 0419 449 881 or email and he will be delighted to discuss your proposed donation.

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