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Queensland, Australia

Lions Club Leadership Development Resources


New member orientation is conducted by clubs. New member learn about their club's projcts and local club program and policies.

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Incoming Club Officer Training sessions for all Presidents, Secretaries, Treasurers and Membership Chairs is held around May /June exch year in each Zone.  This training is organised by the District Global Leadership Team.  Contact your Zone Chair for dates and locations.    Click on the following links to download a short "Basic Guide"  for each key club officer.   

Club President Basics

Club Secretary Basics

Club Treasurer Basics

Club Membership Chair Basics

More comprehensive District Club Officer Resource manuals can be downloaded under Members Menu.  (The Members Menu is only visible after you have logged on using your Lions membership number.


Lions Leadership Institutes  ( Leadership training courses)   

These programmes are available to potential and existing lions leaders to help them develop the knowledge, skills and confidence which will assist them in their future roles.  Contact your Zone Chair or District Global Leadership team for an application form. 



The first two programmes are targeted at potential Lions leader at the club level.   The third course (ALLI)  is for Lions who have completed a successful term as club president, but have not yet attained the position of First Vice District Governor.  They are all live-in courses running over three days (and two evenings) over a weekend.  

ELLI is run by Lions Clubs International for all of our Constitutional Area (V11).  It is open to Lions who have not yet served as a club President (exception for Charter Presidents).  It is a three day live in programme and will attract applications from MD201, MD202 & MD307.  As such places are limited and we are likely to only have 1 to 2 successful applicants from each district.

RLLI is run by our own Multiple District with funding assistance from Lions Clubs International so applicants will only come from MD201 making more spaces available.  Although still targeted at the newer and potential Lions leaders, because we run this ourselves we are able to be a little more flexible on who can attend, so having been a club President for instance won’t immediately make the person ineligible.  Also our Multiple District has taken the opportunity to include Leos (of adult age because it is live in) which helps to provide some invaluable interaction with younger people.  We have a policy of moving the RLLI around from state to state so that it creates more opportunity for Lions to attend in their home state and help to reduce their travel costs. This does not mean it is restricted to applications from the host state.

Cost of  ELLI and RLLI is $AU100 per applicant includes accommodation (twin share) and all meals - Participants are responsible to pay for their own transportation and related travel expenses to and from the institute site. Some clubs like to provide financial support to encourage leadership development in their club.  Applicants can pay a single supplement if they prefer their own room 

Cost of ALLI is $US125 with participants responsible for their own travel costs or in case the applicant has been elected 2nd VDG, the District will cover costs.  

The cost of a Lion attending cannot be funded from Activities but we encourage Lions Clubs to consider funding or subsidising their members from their Administration funds as an investment in the club’s future.

 As Leo’s are a project of Lions with an aim, in part, to develop leadership in young people, the cost of a Leo attending could be sponsored by their parent Lions club out of Activities funds.  

CLUB  OFFICER ORIENTATION  Presidents, Secretaries Treasurers and Zone Chairs

Lions International provides a series of on-line presentations to assist you in your role as Zone Chairperson, President, Secretary or Treasurer.  Each module requires approximately 15  minutes to complete.  The companion workbook may be printed or saved to your computer for future use. You will need your Lions Membership number to Register. 

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Best Tip Ever – And It's Free

Are you interested in becoming a Lions leader or in sharpening your leadership skills? The Lions Learning Center is available to help. The LLC offers over twenty self-directed online courses that promote both personal and professional development. Topics include: Time Management, Mentoring, Managing Meetings, Goal Setting, Effective Teams, Valuing Member Diversity, Public Speaking, just to name a few. Create your free account with your Lions member ID and start taking free courses today!

Improve Your Skills and Encourage the Development of Others!


Maintain or enhance your leadership skills with several training modules offered by the Leadership Development Division.

Lions Learning Center – Online courses on leadership, managing others, achieving results and communication.

Training and Resource Material – Including specialized training for zone and region chairpersons, club officer orientation and more

Leadership Webinars – Online, interactive sessions designed to share information and best practices related to leadership topics